Awesome Local Tips on Visiting Prambanan Temple

Prambanan temple is a well known cultural gem of Jogjakarta. It’s time you explore it differently. Here are some tips for your tour in Jogja.

Everyone knows the Prambanan temple. It is one of the must-see itineraries in Jogjakarta. But, do you know the tips on how to best savor your moments there? Look no further. We are here to give you some tips on how to do your tour in Jogja like a local.

Why is the Prambanan temple so good? What’s so special about the Prambanan temple? If you need some reasons to go here for your tour in Jogja, we are here to give you some:

  1. The heart of Javanese culture, Prambanan temple is a place that has long been claimed to show Javanese culture at it’s best. See the hospitality of Javanese people and their culture here.
  2. Learn Indonesia’s history, Through the Prambanan temple, you’ll learn the history of Hindu-Buddha era of Indonesia. Learn more through its carvings and meanings behind it.
  3. Scenic place, If you want time away from the city, this is your place. Prambanan temple is relatively less crowded compared to its twin sister, Borobudur temple. But, it comes with the same package of beauty; lush green park, beautiful carvings, and spacious place.

Tips on visiting.

The first tip on conducting a tour Jogja like a local here is to go at night. Most people go on the day to see the architecture. But, if you go at night, there is usually some cultural performance that will blow you away. Another tip is to go when it is the dry season.

The rainy season usually ruins the plan to go anywhere. Prambanan itself will be wet and unpleasant. Going during dry season ensures a blue sky and a clear view.

All these tips are more than enough for you to have the best experience in the Prambanan temple. If you want your tour in Jogja to be more memorable, use the service of the Narajaya tour. They’re the best travel agents around!

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