Savoring the Epic Story of Ramayana Ballet in Jogjakarta

Looking to find the best piece of performance art in Jogjakarta? Then you need to add Ramayana Ballet as a part of your tour Jogja.

Jogjakarta is the city of culture, especially Javanese culture. The thick Javanese culture is shown in some performances. But, it shines in the Ramayana ballet performance. If you want to know more about this performance, read our article below.

How good is the Ramayana ballet?
The Ramayana ballet show is awesome and here are the reasons why:

  1. Mixing culture with modernity. Who would’ve guessed that culture can be so grand when combined with modernity? Well, the Ramayana ballet proves just that. The gamelan and other aspects of Javanese culture are enhanced by the modernity of ballet.
  2. Epic story. Ramayana in itself is a great story to tell. It has it all. Romance, drama, and action. The casts are lovable and relatable. There are moral lessons to reap from the story. Additionally, the ballet dance will amplify everything.
  3. Professional artists. The artists doing this have been playing for years. So, expect an amazing performance coming your way.

Tips on securing a spot
The first tip is to know your venue. There are two venues of the ballet that you can choose from Purawisata or Prambanan. Both is amazing and both are pretty similar. Another thing to keep in mind is when you want to see the show. Seeing it in the rainy season might make you encounter 30 minutes delay every time there’s rain. Also, know that there are some dates when the story is different than other dates. For example, there is a special new years performance in the
Ramayana ballet.

Find the epic tale of Ramayana entwined with the beauty of ballet. You won’t regret adding Ramayana ballet as a part of your tour in Jogja. Find more great performance like this with the help of the Narajaya tour. They’re the best travel agent in Jogjakarta. photo by @yudee007

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