Tabuhan Island, Little Heaven on Java

Doing a Java Bali vacation can be too crowded. If you are looking for a quiet haven in Java, you need to go to Pulau Tabuhan.

Pulau Tabuhan, or Tabuhan island, is the perfect place that not many people know. It is a perfect place to get away from the crowded main Java cities. We’re going to give you full information about traveling to this island.

The charm of Tabuhan Island
Tabuhan island is one of the best trips to add to your Java Bali vacation. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Secluded
    This island considerably far forms the center of activities in Java. Unlike the ambiance of the busy Jakarta, here you can actually stretch your legs and enjoy your days under the sun.
  2. Preserved nature
    Since this place is not that well known, you can actually see how natural everything is. The water is clear, the greeneries are abundant, and the sand is white. The perfect scene to indulge your eyes and soul.
  3. Snorkeling and other water activities
    The waters surrounding Tabuhan island is safe and sound. Therefore, many people recommend that you snorkel and even dive into the waters.

Local’s secret to traveling in this island
To get the best experience in your Java Bali vacation, we’re going to give you some tips. The first is to go in the morning. The evening tide is pretty high and you won’t be able to walk leisurely around the island. Other than that, it is better to go during the dry season. Therefore, you won’t encounter storms and rain that could ruin your trip. Another tip is to keep the place clean. The beauty and cleanliness of the place are all up to the tourist. Therefore, bring your own trash bag and don’t litter.

Add Tabuhan island as the list on your Java Bali vacation now. You will not regret it. To make your travel easier, hire the Narajaya tour. They’re the best travel agent around! photo by @dhaawdy

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