Tips on Catching The Breathtaking Borobudur Sunrise

Borobudur is one of the seven wonders of the world. Complete your tour in Jogja by catching the sunrise at Borobudur, a memory you will never forget.

Opening your day with a beautiful sunrise overlooking the city is amazing. It’s one of those activities that could make you feel tranquil hours after it. So, why not go to Borobudur to get that view? For more information on this activity, see our tips below.

The benefits of sunrise at Borobudur
You can get the sunrise almost everywhere. So, why choose Borobudur as a part of your tour in Jogja? The answer is because Borobudur is one of the grand, tall architecture that symbolizes Jogja. Therefore, not only will you get the sunrise, but you can also explore Borobudur after that. The morning is the best time to explore since it is not too hot and not too crowded. Furthermore, this exploration doesn’t need to be expensive. For an affordable price, you can get the whole package.

Other than that, Borobudur’s sunrise is one of the most photographable sunrises in Jogja. You will see how the mist surrounding the city is broken through by the sunrise.

How to get the best view So, are you hooked on having a Borobudur sunrise as a part of your tour in Jogja? Well, here are the ways to get that view:

  1. Go when it is really early. Plan your trip, How long does it take you to go to Borobudur? Remember that the sunrise time is around 5.30 am.
  2. Go when it is the dry season. You don’t want clouds to block your view, right? Therefore, go when it is the dry season which is around April to October.
  3. Obey the rules. Know the rules of Borobudur. Respect the place so that more tourists can admire its beauty.

Your tour Jogja will be enchanting if you wake up early and go to Borobudur. If you want the trip to be foolproof, book the service of the Narajaya Tour now. They’ll make your trip an absolute breeze.

photo by @julie_rakus

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