Traveling Tips to The Breathtaking Bromo

If you are doing a Java Bali vacation, you must’ve heard about Bromo. We are going to give you tips on how to experience Bromo like no other.

Mount Bromo, located in East Java, is a scenic destination for those who love nature. It is a pretty common destination for travelers. If you want some tips on how to experience it spectacularly, see these tips below.

What to do when going to Mount Bromo
Why go all the way on your Java Bali vacation just to see some mountains? Well, Mount Bromo is not just any mountain. Here is the reason why the place is so captivating:

  • Amazing sunrise. Mount Bromo offers the best sunrise. You can verify our claim by simply searching for pictures of mount Bromo sunrise. Imagine how it looks in real life!
  • Cold place in a tropical island Java is a pretty hot place. If you want a new ambiance in your Java Bali vacation, you need to go here. Remember to bring jackets and mittens!
  • Horse riding and jeeps. Enjoy the scenic view of Bromo by horse riding or even riding a jeep. Both are offered at a reasonable price.

How to travel like a local
So, how do you travel like a local when in Bromo? The first tip is to learn a few Javanese. You will see that the locals will feel closer to you. This in itself is an exciting experience. The next tip is to know when the local ceremonies are being held. The people around Bromo is still very cultural and traditional people. They do traditional ceremonies from time to time. Go here when they are doing the Yadnya Kasada ceremony which is around July. It is a great addition to your
Java Bali vacation!

Mount Bromo is a pretty mainstream destination. But, once you apply our tips, you will get a burst of excitement in your Java Bali vacation. For a more immersive experience, book the service of the Narajaya tour! photo by @rezaayomi

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