Turtle Paradise in East Java at Sukamede Beach

The beauty of nature is all around Java. But, it’s time to add Sukamede Beach to your Java Bali vacation. We promise you that it is worth it.

Pantai Sukamede or Sukamede Beach is not just another beach in East Java. It is one that is very unique because of its different features. Read this article to plan your Java Bali vacation to Sukamede beach.

What you can expect on the beach
This beach is not just any other beach. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Filled with turtles
    At night, you can see turtles lay their eggs. Meanwhile, the next morning, you can see baby turtles wiggle their way towards the open water. This experience is not just cute, it also won’t be able to be found all across Java.
  2. Amazing nature
    Sukamede beach is quite known for its strict rules concerning the preservation of nature. This strict rule is the reason why the beach will offer you the beauty of nature unlike any other.
  3. Quiet place
    It’s quite far from the city center. Therefore, you won’t find any air or sound pollution in this place. It is a great place to relax and de-stress.

Tips on visiting Sukamede Beach

To get the best experience in your Java Bali vacation, follow these tips. The first tip is to bring the right gear. You should use clothes that are fit for the outdoors. Plus, bring an anti-mosquito lotion. You’ll meet a lot of those at the beach. Also, prepare for a challenging trip to get to this place. You need to go through the jungle and uneven road. But, the tiring trip will be worth it once you lay your eyes on the beautiful Sukamede beach!

So, are you sold on the idea of visiting this beach on your Java Bali vacation? Well then hire the service of the Narajaya Tour now. They really know their way around the place! photo by @roxandenice

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